Romans 15

As Paul concludes Romans, he gives us some important advice:

  • We are to build up fellow believers.
  • We are to be unified.
  • We are to receive one another (the example is that both Jews and Gentiles are a part of the faith).
  • Some people have an advantage (in Paul’s day it was the Jews).
  • Some people need more instruction (in Paul’s day it was the Gentiles). His primary ministry is to those who had never heard, and he hopes to end up in Spain to spread the gospel there.
  • All this means that in our day some people have a rudimentary understanding. I was raised Luthran and went to catechism. I had an advantage over those who have never heard. It enabled me to understand better and come up to speed faster when God revealed Himself to me.
  • We should be willing to help those financially who have helped us spiritually. The Jerusalem church sent out missionaries but ended up in material need. Paul and the churches he helped found sent aid. It was a practical way of helping those who had helped them spiritually.
  • We should be willing to pray for our missionaries and pastors. Paul covets the prayer of others for both safety and the spread of the gospel.
  • We should pray for the peace of the saints – peace with others, peace with God, and peace in their souls.

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