Romans 11:25-36

Even though they have been set aside for a time, the Jewish people as a whole are still important to God.

  • Yes, they have experienced a hardening (11:25b).
  • And that hardening will continue until the full number of the Gentiles has come in (11:25c).
  • Then “all Israel will be saved” (11:26a).
  • It will take place when “the Deliverer will come out of Zion” and “will remove ungodliness from Jacob” (11:26b, c).
  • And it has to happen because God’s gifts and call are “irrevocable” (11:29).

Some think that when Paul refers to “all Israel” in 11:26 he simply means those Jews who will actually believe (in other words, all “elect” Israel). After all, doesn’t Jesus’ resurrection reveal that He is the deliverer and that His death took care of ungodliness (11:26)? However, “Israel” in 11:25 and the language in 11:28 seem to refer to Israel as a nation, so why would Paul suddenly change meanings in 11:26? And then we also have to consider that it doesn’t happen “until the full number of the Gentiles has come in” (11:25). It seems best to understand that the phrase “all Israel” is being used to show that someday and sometime in the future a large number of the Jewish people will turn to their Messiah! They will eventually receive mercy (11:31-32), and this leads Paul into a wonderful doxology where He praises God for His infinite wisdom and understanding (11:33-36).

Trust is a word that we use a lot in the Christian faith, but why should we trust? We see why here. We trust because God made us. We trust because everything we have is a gift from Him. We trust because He understands all things, even if we don’t. We trust because He has a plan. We trust because He keeps His promises. We trust because He shows mercy. We trust because He, quite simply, is God and we are not! To Him be glory forever, amen.

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