Romans 8:1-17

What a verse! “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Why is there no condemnation? Because the Son saves! The law couldn’t save. What could the law do? The law could show sin. The law could make us want to sin. The law could condemn. Ultimately the law points out that we need a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus. He is the one who rescues us from this body of death (7:24). And He has now given us the life-giving Spirit. In fact, the Spirit is the proof that we have believed (8:9), and the guarantee of eternal life (8:11). Through the Spirit we are adopted into God’s family. Through the Spirit we have a close, personal, loving relationship with God as our Father (8:15). Through the Spirit we have the hope of a holy life (8:9, 13). The Spirit guides. The Spirit empowers. The Spirit convicts. The Spirit enables us to please God (8:8)! The Spirit brings peace instead of fear (8:15). And this is especially important, because we too will experience persecution and suffering in this life because we are God’s children (8:17). The Spirit will bring us through, helping us to experience God’s presence, peace, and joy; ultimately reminding us of the glory we will share with Jesus when we join Him in heaven. And remember, it’s His glory that we’re experiencing, not our own!

For worship:

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