Romans 4

Abraham is the father of faith and an example of grace. Before the law and before circumcision, Abraham “believed God, and it was credited to Him as righteousness” (Genesis 15:6). It wasn’t anything that he did. He simply believed in God’s promise to him that he would become a father, have innumerable descendants, birth a nation, and bless all the peoples on the earth! He teaches us that we receive grace (something we don’t deserve) and righteousness (right standing with God) through faith (4:16). And all can have faith, regardless of their race or nationality (4:11-12)! Our faith is exhibited through belief in Jesus, who was “given over because of our transgressions and was raised for the sake of our justification” (4:25). Jesus’ resurrection shows us that the Father accepted His payment for our sins, so that we can now be recipients of God’s favor. We have been “credited” with righteousness, just as Abraham was!

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