Romans 3:1-20

Paul continues by talking about the advantages that the Jewish people received from God. They received special revelation, the Word of God, or, as Paul says here, “the oracles of God.” If anyone on earth should believe and understand, they should! But some did not. Does that nullify God’s promises? Certainly not! God is faithful! He will do what He has said He will do. Their unfaithfulness will not nullify God’s plan to bless the world through the Jewish nation (Genesis 12:3). Some, however, want to turn disobedience into a badge of honor. If, by disobeying, they allow God to display His righteousness in judgment, how can their sin be bad? They should be rewarded instead of judged for their sin, because it’s actually a good thing. Paul challenges this understanding by using Scripture (Psalm 14:1-3). Sin doesn’t mean that we are good. Sin means that we are worthless and far from God.

Notice Paul’s emphasis on the Word of God here. The Word reveals God to us. The Word helps us to understand God’s promise. The Word helps us to know how to live. The Word helps us to correct wrong understandings and beliefs. And the Word helps us to understand that sin is never good; we don’t help God by our sin! It’s only by being in the Word that we can know, understand, and follow God correctly.

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