Acts 18

Some thoughts:

  • We have evidence that Paul received some support from churches (Philippians 4:15-16), but it was apparently sporadic. His work may have been the way he primarily supported his missionary efforts (18:3).
  • Paul’s great heart for his own people (Romans 9:1-3) had him continually trying to reach them. Unfortunately his efforts were mostly rebuffed, and often attacked (18:6).
  • So God takes pains to encourage Paul in his ministry and let him know that he is not going to be attacked in Corinth (18:9)!
  • And God saves him from judgment when he is called before the chief judicial officer in the province (18:12-15). The Jews then go after Sosthenes, the ruler of the synagogue. Why? Apparently the former president of the synagogue, Crispus, believed and was no longer leader (18:8). 18 months later they have a new leader, and they attack him. Perhaps he was sympathetic to Christianity, or maybe he simply wasn’t aggressive enough in trying to persecute Christians.
  • Paul wasn’t just an evangelist. He truly made disciples, as both his actions and his letters show. He “strengthened all the disciples.”
  • It’s important for us to interact with other Christians about what they believe. We may have an opportunity to clarify and explain aspects of the faith that they may be confused about. Apollos apparently needs to better understand the details of salvation and baptism, so Priscilla and Aquila help him!

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