God Has Plans!
Esther 2:19-23

I) God’s plan begins to ___________ itself

     A) Mordecai gets a _________ position

     B) Mordecai thwarts an ______________ plot

II) The role of “__________________” in Esther

     A) The queen was ____________

     B) __________ was chosen

     C) She hid her _______________

     D) Mordecai wasn’t __________________

     E) Mordecai and Haman are ancient ______________

     F) Haman wants to __________ all the Jews

     G) Esther is allowed to go into the ___________

     H) Esther ______________ her request

     I) The king couldn’t ____________

     J) The right section of the ______________ was read

     K) Haman tells the king how to ___________ Mordecai

     L) Haman is killed on the gallows he erected for

     M) _____________ is given Haman’s position

III) God is always working behind the scenes and has a ____________

     A) We see it with ______________

     B) We see it with ______________

     C) We see it in Jesus’ ____________

     D) We see it with ________________

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