Acts 16:1-15

Is Paul a hypocrite? After the church decides that Gentiles don’t have to be circumcised, why does he circumcise Timothy? By Jewish law, Timothy was a Jew because he was the son of a Jewish mother. However, because he was uncircumcised, he would be considered an apostate Jew. Since Paul went to the synagogue first when he entered a new city, he didn’t want his message automatically ignored because he endorsed apostasy! So it was much easier to have Timothy circumcised for the sake of the ministry, rather than try to explain everywhere and perhaps be discounted out of hand. He is simply being practical.

How do you think that the Spirit prevented Paul from going to Galatia and Bithynia? It was a vision that brought him to Macedonia, so my guess is that it wasn’t something supernatural that prevented him, or he would have mentioned it. Was it a storm? Was it an illness? Was it a concern? Paul realizes that God is behind even the coincidences in life. Perhaps he didn’t even understand it at the time, until the vision came, and that’s when he went: “Aha! Now I know why that happened!”

Have you even looked back on events in your own life to see how God nudged you in a particular direction? Sometimes it’s much easier to notice after the fact!

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