What Should Marriage Look Like?
Esther 1:13-2:4

I) ________________ is not God’s Standard

     A)  The 1st marriage was performed by __________

     B) The 1st marriage was _________________

     C) The 1st marriage shows God’s ____________

     D) Recording facts does not imply _______________!

     E) Scripture talks about _____________ to protect women

     F) And ________ are warned against it

II) Adultery is ________________ Forbidden

III) Polygamy and Adultery are _________________

IV) What Should the ____________ Relationship Look Like?

     A)	There is a hierarchy in the ___________

     B) But with privilege comes _______________

     C) Men are to _______________ love their wives

     D) Women are to ___________ their husbands

          1) If you have to __________ respect you don’t have it

          2) Respect flows from the _____________ example of love

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