The Importance of Good Advice!
Esther 1:13-22

I) The _________ wasn’t wrong to seek advice

II But his _______________ left something to be desired

     A) There are lots of examples of _______ advice in the Bible

     B) Why is this ___________ bad?

          1) They _____________ the king by validating his 

          2) It is _______ serving

               i) They are concerned about their own _________

               ii) They may be concerned about their own 

          3) It encourages ___________

               i) By the interpretation of Persian _________

          4) It is the ______________ of what the Bible says we 
             should be looking for

III) What does __________ advice look like?

     A) It is _____________

     B) It is _________

     C) It is _______________

          1) The _____________ is our best counselor

          2) And the ___________ helps us to be discerning

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