John 12:20-50

Andrew was ready to bring people to see Jesus (20-22). Are we?

Jesus conveys the need for His upcoming death (23-24). Only His death can produce life. Those who want to live must give their lives over to Him in service, and the Father will honor them (25-26).

Although the thought of what to come is extremely distressing, Jesus is going through with it, knowing it will glorify the Father (27-28). The Father speaks to Him, and everybody hears it, but only some understand (28-29). Jesus tells them that the Father has spoken for their benefit. They need to believe! Satan’s plans will be defeated, because the Son of Man will be lifted up (on the cross), and He will draw people to Him through His sacrifice (30-33).

The crowd seems to have some inkling that Jesus is talking about His death, but they don’t understand since they expect the Messiah to live forever (34):

2 Samuel 7:13 “He will build a house for my name, and I will make his dynasty permanent.”

Jesus cautions them to believe in the light while there is still time (35-36)! Many, however, refuse to believe, as had been foretold by the prophet Isaiah (37-41). Jesus withdrawing from them seems to be a sign of God’s judgment (36). Some however, had believed, but didn’t want anybody to know, because they feared man more than God (42-43)!

Which do we love more, the praise of God or the praise of men? It’s a very important question to answer…

Jesus ends His public ministry by reminding us that He is the light that brings eternal life (44-50). We must believe in Him to have a relationship with God. If we don’t believe He doesn’t judge us, but the words that He spoke will, since He spoke the words of God. In order for us to have eternal life we need to accept His words, believe in His name, and obey the truth!

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