John 6:1-24

Because of John’s repeated mention of the Passover, we understand that Jesus’ ministry lasted a few years rather than a few months (6:4)!

John also emphasizes Jesus’ foreknowledge and understanding (6:6). When Jesus asks a question there is a specific reason, and much of the time it is actually a test.

We have a verification here of what was mentioned yesterday. People really are looking for a prophet like Moses, as was foretold in the Old Testament (6:14)!

Tomorrow we’ll look at the first clear “I am” statement in the gospel of John and what it means. What is neat here is that Jesus literally says, “I am. Do not be afraid.” This is a reference to His deity, because the expression is used by God to describe Himself:

Exodus 3:14 “God said to Moses, ‘I AM that I AM.’”

When we are at our worst, when we are the most fearful, when we are facing difficult circumstances, we need to remember that God is watching over us and we don’t need to be afraid anymore (6:20). He brings us safely to shore (6:21)!

Finally, we see the people continuing to “stalk” Jesus (22-24)! This reminds us of why He doesn’t always want His ministry broadcast. Sometimes He needs rest. Sometimes He has to be somewhere else. Sometimes He is avoiding the Jewish leadership. He always has a reason and a plan for what He does, even when we don’t always understand.

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