Luke 21:1-19

Jesus reminds us that it’s not about the amount we give, but the proportion we give and the heart behind it (1-4).

Luke is the third gospel writer that records what Jesus said about the end of the age (5-19). Which age? Many think that Jesus is talking about two different times in response to the two questions: the destruction of Jerusalem (which happened in AD 70), and His second coming. Matthew 24:3 gives more detail regarding the question which may support this hypothesis. The problem then becomes trying to decide which of Jesus’ comments go with which events! Regardless, there are some important underlying truths for all disciples in all ages here:

  • Watch out for false Christs (and even false teachers for that matter)!
  • We don’t need to be afraid, regardless of how bad things get. God is in control!
  • We have a responsibility to be witnesses to the world around us.
  • Even when they hate us! God promises to help us with how to respond.
  • We shouldn’t be surprised if our friends and families turn on us too. Jesus warned us that it would happen: “If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me first” (John 15:18).
  • God will protect His own. We will endure!

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