NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Why do you speak to them in parables?”

Matthew 13:1-23

I) The ________________

II) The ______________

     A) Parable means “to _________ alongside”

     B) A parable doesn’t ___________ itself

     C) _______________ are used for explanation

     D) Parables can be ______________!

III) The ____________ behind parables

     A) People aren’t ready to ______________

     B) And it’s ___________ been that way

     C) The word of life becomes a word of __________

     D) Because we need _________ to believe

IV) The _________________

     A) The seed is the _________ of God

     B) The seed is useless unless if falls on the right kind of _________

     C) There are ________ kinds of soil/hearts

          1) Some have __________________ hearts

          2) Some have ______________ hearts

          3) Some have _________________ hearts

          4) Some have _________________ hearts

V) The ________________

     A) God must do a work in our lives for _________________

     B) God continues to do a work in our lives for _________________

     C) Do we have any _________ to play in the process?

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