Luke 14:15-35

Jesus again confronts the idea that only (or mostly) Jews will be in the kingdom. If the Jewish people refuse to comes, the invitation will go to the Gentiles (14:15-24)!

I believe that Jesus is using hyperbole in the next section. With hyperbole you use exaggeration to make a point. Hating family goes against the Jewish law, and is contrary to the way Jesus treated His mother while he was dying on the cross (John 19:26-27). What He is showing us that all other relationships must pale in comparison to a relationship with Him. Personal possessions and wealth take a backseat as well. Jesus is to be our all in all. If we aren’t willing to make that commitment, then are we really disciples? His next comments expand on that idea. What good is salt that has lost it’s flavor? What good is a disciple that isn’t committed?

For worship:

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