NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“How then should the Scriptures be fulfilled?”
Matthew 26:47-56

I) Judas’ ____________ teaches us something about the church

	A) Some people can ________ the part

	B) But they are just _______________

	C) Some will be ______________ in this life

	D) Some won’t be revealed until _______________

II) Jesus shows us that we still follow God when it’s ___________

	A) Everything that happened was _______________

	B) But He could have ___________ it at any time

	C) He even understood how ______________ it would be

	D) Yet He still followed ________

	E) We need to have that same ____________

III) Jesus reminds us of the importance of _______________

	A) It’s not just that everything was ________________

	B) It’s that Jesus ______________ fulfilled it

	C) Which shows us the high __________ we should have for 

IV) The disciples warn us that there are other types of _____________

	A) Jesus had _________ them

	B) They _____________ that they would not leave Him

	C) They _________

	D) But it wasn’t _________________

	E) How often do we do the ___________?

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