Luke 12:1-34

Luke packs a lot of Jesus’ teaching into a few verses! Let’s see if we can unpack it:

  • Watch out for hypocrisy! What you do in private will eventually be know (1-3).
  • Be more concerned about how God sees you, not how others see you (4-5).
  • God cares for us. Even the hairs on our head are numbered (6-7)!
  • God cares so much that, even if we speak or act against Him in some way like Peter does (Luke 22:54-62), we will be forgiven (10).
  • What will not be forgiven is the persistent and hard-hearted resistance against the ministry of the Spirit, who testifies to our need for Jesus Christ. That is the only unforgivable sin (10).
  • Which makes sense, because if we acknowledge Jesus, He will acknowledge us (8-9).
  • And He hasn’t left us if we get into trouble. The Spirit will help us to defend our faith when we have to (11-12).
  • We should use our resources for the kingdom of God (13-21).
  • God promises to care of us if we pursue Him rather than wealth (22-31).
  • When we put our money into the kingdom, it will never go away or deplete, because the spiritual rewards will just continue to increase (32-33).
  • Where your money is shows where your heart is (34)!

In other words, put God and His kingdom first in all things!

For worship:

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