Luke 11:29-54

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The sign of the resurrection is still the sign that shows us the Savior! Those of us who believe should shine forth with the message of the resurrection. Light is not meant to be hidden! When we perceive the truth of the resurrection, it will change our lives. We will be children of the light, rather than children of the darkness.

The Pharisees (and many of the religious leaders) are full of darkness, rather than light:

  • They are more concerned about the outside of a person than the inside.
  • They live for earthly things, rather than living for God.
  • They want to look good, and do things for show, but they don’t love God like they should.
  • They have so many regulations and laws that they make peoples lives hard to bear.
  • They are hypocrites. They pay lip service to the prophets, but would have been the first in line to stone them!
  • They are so focused on law and not grace that they hinder people from having a right relationship with God.

The warning? Don’t be a Pharisee! Be full of light, not darkness!

Note: the Hebrew Bible goes from Genesis to 2 Chronicles, not Genesis to Malachi. When Jesus mentions how they are guilty of the blood from Abel to Zechariah he’s authenticating/recognizing all of the books of the Old Testament that we do today (with Zechariah being identified as the descendant of his grandfather, Berechiah).

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