Luke 11:1-28

Luke records that the disciples want Jesus to teach them to pray. Hopefully we have the same attitude! Here is what Jesus teaches them (and us):

  • Prayer should be unselfish (us, we).
  • We praise and honor God in prayer, and desire that others do the same.
  • We should want God’s kingdom to come (on earth, heaven, and in our own lives).
  • We can ask for things, including forgiveness.
  • But we must be willing to forgive others.
  • And we pray because we need God to provide protection from temptation.
  • We need to be persistent in prayer.
  • We are blessed because God answers prayers out of His love for us.
  • And we can’t forget to pray for spiritual needs, not just physical.

Jesus next casts out a demon, and some accuse Him of being in league with the devil. Jesus responds:

  • Does it make any sense for Satan to fight against himself?
  • And if I am in league with the devil, then who are your exorcists in league with?
  • So if I’m legit, you’d better watch out!
  • If you reject me and my ministry now, you’ll be in even worse shape later! (Quite possibly referring to the nation as a whole, rather than individuals)

And He concludes with a reminder for both the nation and individuals in response to a woman’s exclamation: true blessing comes from those who hear the Word of God and obey!

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