Luke 10:1-24

Here we see more disciples being sent out, with the reminder to not waste their time with people who don’t want to listen. When they are rejected, they shouldn’t take it personally. People aren’t really rejecting them, they’re rejecting the Lord that sent them! Everyone will be responsible for their own decisions, and those who reject the truth will pay for it.

All of those things are true for us as well. So, shouldn’t we be able to tread on snakes and heal the sick? It’s quite likely that those privileges were for a special time and purpose. They may return again, but we need to remember some things:

  • It really God that does the healing. If He uses a person, that’s for His purposes and His glory.
  • If we want to be used like that, what’s our motivation? Boasting?
  • Rather than worry about or rejoice about that, we should instead rejoice that our names are written in heaven!
  • And our ability to believe isn’t even ours: “No one knows who the Son is except the Father, or who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son decides to reveal Him.”
  • Do we really understand how big a deal humility is in the Christian walk and life?
  • We are incredibly blessed to know what we know and understand what we understand. We need to act like it, instead of wailing and whining about what we don’t have or can’t do!

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