Luke 9:28-62

In these passages we see the challenges of discipleship!

  • We again see that the transfiguration comes immediately after Jesus says, “there are some standing here that will not experience death before they see the kingdom of God.” Here some of His disciples see the glory of Jesus as well as experience what the future communion of the saints will be like! Unfortunately they don’t understand that Jesus is unique, and God the Father reminds them of that important fact (28-36)!
  • The disciples couldn’t do what Jesus had previously empowered them to do! That why Jesus calls them an “unbelieving and perverse generation (37-43a).
  • But perhaps we’re a little too hard on them at times (Jesus can be as hard on them as He wants!). Here it’s revealed that they didn’t understand about the upcoming crucifixion and resurrection because it was concealed from them (43b-45).
  • But just when it seems like we should cut them some slack, they behave like this (46)!
  • And we’re reminded that greatness is shown by mercy, compassion, and understanding (47-48).
  • Don’t go picking fights! Save your energy for those who actually declare their animosity (49-50)!
  • And they try to pick a fight again. They forgot Jesus’ admonition to shake the dust off their feet and move on when people don’t want to hear (51-55).
  • Finally, we are reminded that discipleship is hard. It requires sacrifice. It requires commitment. It requires focus and dedication. It is not something to be entered into carelessly (57-62).

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