NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Is it I?”

Matthew 26:17-30

I)  The __________________ for the Passover

     A) What is the _____________?

     B) How is it ______________?

     C) Why is it _________?

II)  The _________________ of the betrayal

     A) The disciples are _____________

     B) Jesus reminds them that this is God’s __________

     C) Judas attempts to cover his ___________

III) The _________________ of the Lord’s Supper

     A) Jesus foreshadows His __________

     B) Jesus reveals the ____________

     C) Jesus gives them a _____________

IV) What does it __________ us for today?

     A) Serves as a remind of God’s ________________

     B) Reminds us of the reality of human ________________

     C) Shows us the importance of obedience and _______________

     D) Provides an illustration of God’s __________

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