Luke 9:1-27

Since we’ve been through these events twice already, I’ll be brief!

  • Jesus gave the 12 special power, but the message that they proclaim is one that we all should voice!
  • Jesus told them to take resources later, so He wasn’t simply encouraging them to trust God here. There was an understanding that people would be hospitable to traveling teachers.
  • But if they weren’t, the 12 were to move on. Is there a lesson here for our sharing as well?
  • Jesus’ words and deeds got people talking and wondering about Him. When we are faithful to God, the Spirit will use our testimony to influence other people.
  • Disciples: “Send them away!” Jesus: “Show some compassion!” Who should we endeavor to be like?
  • Peter’s confession should be our confession. Jesus is the Messiah. But Peter only knew that He was sent from God. We know that He is God!
  • We also understand that He came to suffer and die so that we could be forgiven. The disciples didn’t!
  • A disciple is willing to sacrifice themselves and their desires to follow Jesus.
  • Jesus alludes to His second coming: “when He comes in His glory.” He will be back!
  • But before that, some of the disciples get to see His glory. We again see that the transfiguration comes immediately after Jesus says, “there are some standing here that will not experience death before they see the kingdom of God.”

For worship:

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