Luke 5:1-16

Have you ever been so completely awed by what God has done that your response is one of utter amazement and humility? That’s what we have here. Peter knows how to fish, and yet here comes this teacher who tells him how to do it. Amazingly he obeys, albeit a little begrudgingly, and has a phenomenal catch! Jesus has just performed a miracle of either omniscience (knowing where the fish are), or omnipotence (putting the fish there). Peter responds with astonishment and meekness, and is ready to follow Jesus to catch men!

Peter’s response should mirror our own. God is all powerful, all knowing, and all seeing. He is creator and sustainer. He knows where the fish are, and he can heal leprosy! The one who made us watches over us, cares for us, and empowers us for ministry. How can we not be in awe of our God? How can we not respond to Him with meekness and humility? How can we not respond with obedience? Jesus is our perfect example, following God fully and making sure that He spends time with God in prayer.

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