NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

Recognizing False Teachers

Matthew 7:15-23

I)  Beware false ______________!

     A) Prophets are more frequently ________-tellers

     B) False teachers are ____________

     C) False teachers are ____________

II)  How do we _______________ false teachers?

     A) We know them by their ____________

     B) 1st fruit: ______________ and conduct

          1) They are ____________

          2) They are ____________

          3) They are ____________

          4) They are ____________

          5) They rebel against ________

          6) They ignore the Word of __________

     C) 2nd fruit: ______________

          1) They don’t __________ to the truth

          2) What __________?

               a) The truth about ______________

               b) The truth about ______________

               c) The truth about ______________

     D) 3rd fruit: their _______________

III)  How do we ______________ to false teachers?

IV) What is the _______ of false teachers?

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