NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
The Prayer God Answers
Matthew 7:7-11

I) The context gives us clues for _________________

     A) The Sermon on the Mount seems _______________!

     B) Can’t do it without ___________ help

     C) We ask God for _________, not necessarily things

     D) Passage is primarily _____________ in application

II)  Four ____________about prayer

     A) We need to be _____________ (Ask)

     B) It’s about the ________________ (Seek)

     C) We need to be _________________ (Knock)

     D) God answers prayers out of His ____________

III) A ______________ regarding prayer

     A) We frequently _________________ Scripture

     B) God gives us other __________________ for prayer

     C) Can’t ask out of ___________________

     D) Need to be ________________

     E) Must have _________

     F) Must ask according to God’s __________

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