Mark 11:1-14

We get a glimpse of Jesus’ knowledge here. He knows that there is a colt available, and that the owners will let Him use it. It’s not talked about in Mark, but it’s important because it’s a fulfillment of prophecy. The crowds are excited and see Jesus as the coming Messiah, based on their shouting of Psalm 118:25-26 and their recognition that Jesus is ushering in the “coming kingdom of our father David.” They don’t understand, however, that Jesus is ushering in a spiritual kingdom and not a physical one! Hopefully you are a part of this spiritual kingdom, and are looking forward to the time when Jesus comes again to set up His earthly one.

The end of the fig tree story is in tomorrow’s reading, but it seems jarring nonetheless. Is Jesus this temperamental? Well, since it’s not the season for figs, it must have some spiritual significance! It could represent those who try to look like they are spiritual (have leaves), but in reality are far from God (don’t bear any fruit). It’s also possible that the fig tree represents Israel:

Hosea 9:10 “When I found Israel, it was like finding grapes in the wilderness. I viewed your ancestors like an early fig on a fig tree in its first season.”

If so, it signifies the judgment of God on the “fruitless” Jewish people/leadership, who had turned away from God into empty ritual and legalism. In fact, it’s quite likely that this is an indictment of the Jewish religious leadership, particularly as it relates to the temple, since the cleansing of the temple is in between the accounts of the fig tree.

For worship: (super powerful)

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