NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
The Importance of the Resurrection
1 Corinthians 15:50-58

I) The resurrection is under ____________

II) Paul considers what no ______________ would mean

III) Paul ___________ Christians whose faith is faltering

IV) Jesus’ resurrection _____________ our resurrection

V) Why is the resurrection _________________?

     A) Flesh and blood cannot ____________ the kingdom of God

     B) We must be ________________!

     C) __________ believers will be transformed first

     D) _____________ believers will join them after

     E) The prophets Isaiah and Hosea _____________ this!

VI) The reality of the resurrection should affect how we _________!

     A) We have ___________

     B) So we stand ______________

     C) And __________________ ourselves to His work

     D) Knowing that we have a ______________ waiting

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