NOT all the Questions in the Bible
How to Judge
Matthew 7:1-6

I)  The text doesn’t say we can never ______________

II) In fact, other ____________ teaches us we should judge

     A) We should judge false _______________

     B) We should judge severe _________________

     C) We should judge ungodly ________________

     D) The purpose is to bring repentance and ________________

     E) In all this we ask to be led by the _______________

          1) When do we take ___________?

          2) What action _____________ we take?

          3) What is _________ response?

          4) What is _________ response?

III) This passage warns us against being _________________

     A) We shouldn’t be ______________ about others

     B) We shouldn’t __________ ourselves above others

IV) And it warns us that we need to ___________ ourselves

V) We also see that judging requires _________________

     A) Be careful what you ___________

     B) Be careful how you ____________

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