Mark 7:24-37

These two events have Jesus ministering in in Gentle regions again. It seems that He was looking for a respite, but His fame preceded Him!

A Greek woman asks for help, and Jesus seems to refuse. I believe He is testing her. He points out it’s the Jews who are God’s chosen people, and that they have first dibs on the kingdom. Does He do it with a twinkle in His eye? He is, after all, in Gentile territory. She acknowledges that she is not Jewish, but believes that the kingdom is large enough to accommodate others like her. Jesus commends her, and heals her daughter.

The next event finds Jesus healing a deaf and almost dumb man. Since he was brought to Jesus, Jesus wants him to understand what is going on, and probably wants the man to understand who is doing the healing. Jesus touches his ears, spits on the ground (we assume – he could have spit on His hand), and touches the man’s tongue. Jesus was conveying to the man that He was going to heal him, which He does! It seems strange that Jesus didn’t want them to talk about it, since He was outside of Jewish territory. But His fame has increased enough that He is being accosted in Gentile areas, and word of what He did here would probably make it back to home.

Jesus teaches us something here by showing the man that He was the source of healing. We need to remember that all healing comes from God. Even when doctors treat us, they can only do so because God has given them the knowledge and ability. While we should be thankful they are using their gifts, we should remember that God gave those gifts to them and praise Him for it!

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