NOT all the Questions in the Bible
Being in Awe of God!
Psalm 139

I)  God’s _______________

     A) God knows us ________________

          1) God is _______________

2) God knows ________________ about us

     B) God is _______________ with us

          1) We can’t _____________

          2) He is _________________

          3) It’s _______________!

          4) (And maybe ___________?)

     C) God ___________ us greatly

          1) He makes the dark __________!

          2) He knew us when we were _______________

          3) He knew us __________ we were conceived

II) Our ____________ to God’s majesty

A) We should want to _________ Him better

     B) We should want to __________ His honor

     C) We should want to ___________ Him!

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