NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“Why do we weep?”
1 Samuel 1:1-18

I) Everyone has ______________ and pain in their lives

	A) ______________ problem

	B) Her problem ________________

	C) ________________ has problems

II) We should take our problems to ____________

	A) Hannah weeps and __________

	B) She recognizes God’s _________________

C) She tries to be _____________ in the midst of selfishness

III) ___________ should we take our problems and pain to God?

	A) He can ____________

	B) He can _____________

	C) He can give us ________________

IV) How should we view others who are in ____________?

	A) We shouldn’t assume the _____________

	B) We should offer ______________

	C) We should ___________ for them

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