Matthew 25:31-36

So, are we saved because of what we do? That would contradict the clear teaching of the rest of the New Testament. This passage reminds us that belief changes behavior, and the truly saved will act like it. The Holy Spirit should bring about a change in our lives for the better. The usual practice of unbelievers is uncaring and unloving behavior, but even when they do good deeds their motivation for them will be wrong. With that basic understanding, this passage teaches us that:

  • Jesus is coming back.
  • It will be climatic!
  • It will be a time of judgement.
  • Judgment is final.
  • The righteous receive eternal life.
  • The unrighteousness will receive eternal punishment.
  • If our behavior doesn’t match our beliefs, we need to examine ourselves very carefully!

For worship:–Q

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