NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“Which Religion is Right?”
John 4:15-26

I) Jesus gives the Samaritan woman a glimpse of who ________ is

     A)	 What is her ____________ to Jesus so far?

     B)  Jesus wants her to understand who He is and what He is 

     C) She gives an __________ response

     D) Jesus reveals His _________________ knowledge

     E) How do we help others to think ________________?

          1) We can use _____________

          2) We can use the __________

          3) We can point to God’s _________ in our lives

          4) We can point to our _____________

II) The Samaritan woman starts to __________ spiritually

     A)	She begins to get a glimpse of _____________!

     B)	But could it be _________ than that?

III) But does she become ________________?

     A)	Does she change the _______________?

     B)	Or does she ____________ Jesus?

IV) Jesus teaches us something about _____________ and worship

     A)	Jesus points out that she asked the ___________ question

     B)	Salvation is of the ___________!

     C)	God is _____________!

     D)	If God is Spirit, then we must worship Him in _________ 
        and in truth

          1) Is it one idea or _________?

          2) Is it a condemnation of ________ worship?

          3) Is Jesus talking about the _________ Spirit?

          4) Is Jesus talking about not being hypocritical in 

          5) Is Jesus talking about belief in ________?

               i)  It is the ___________ who points to Jesus

               ii) And it is Jesus who is the __________

     E)	And we see that truth reflected in what ________ says 

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