Matthew 14:1-21.

Herod the tetrarch is Herod Antipas, one of Herod the Great’s sons. He ruled Galilee and Perea after his fathers death. He can function as a warning for us. Steeped in worldliness and sensuality, he ends up killing someone he seems to grudgingly respect because of a hasty promise. And it haunts him. He hears about Jesus, and his thoughts immediately go to John the Baptist, the man he had killed! So, how are our lives? Are they steeped in regret from bad decisions we’ve made? Are we trying to live our lives to bring glory to God, or do worldliness and sensuality control us?

The feeding of the 5000 shows us Jesus’ compassion but it also teaches us an important lesson about ministry. The disciples are overwhelmed with the need, and only see the lack of resources. Jesus understands the greatness of God’s resources and the wonder of His grace. We need to see things the way Jesus does!

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