NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“Who should we love?”
Matthew 5:43-48

I) Jesus tackles a popular ________________________

     A) Jesus has been focusing on _____________ interpretations

     B) Here He takes on ______________ misrepresentation

     C) God is clear that love is a __________________!

II) Jesus helps us to properly ___________________

     A) The prior verses focus on ______________ love

     B) Now the focus is ____________ love

III) Jesus reveals the ____________________ of love

     A) _____________ someone means:

          1) If someone curses you, speak ____________ back

          2) If someone hates you, do ___________ to them

          3) If someone treats you badly, _________ for them

     B) And that shows ___________ we are!

     C) It also shows our ________________

     D) We are _____________ for our love

     E) We are supposed to be _________ from the rest of the

IV) The call to love is a call to ______________!

     A) ____________ in this life means maturity

     B) Full _____________ comes later

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