Matthew 8:18-34.

The encounters with the teacher of the law and the disciple teach us that there is a cost to following Jesus. Why should we be willing to pay that cost? Because of who Jesus is! He has control of the natural and the supernatural. Why wouldn’t we trust Him with our lives?!?!?

We see something else here as well. When the awesome power of the Son of Man is on display it provokes a reaction. In each instance where Jesus displays His authority it causes people to respond with fear. The disciples fear is akin to awe and it causes them to be amazed. When the townspeople understand what Jesus did they seem to be terrified and they beg Him to leave! Can you imagine? But in truth, even in our day and age, when people are introduced to the only one who can save them, they end up turning away. Not much has changed in 2000 years.

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