NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“The Question Everyone Must Answer”
Matthew 16:13-20

I) The ______________ struggles with Jesus

     A)  In ________ day

     B)  In ________ day

II) His _______________ know who He is!

     A)  He reveals Himself as the _______ of man

     B)  Peter recognizes that He is the ______________

     C)  And the son of the ____________ God

     D)  Because of the work of the _______________

          1)  The Spirit __________

          2)  The Spirit _________________

III) And we have a responsibility to _____________ Him

     A)  ___________ has a job to do

          1)  He helps build the ______________

          2)  By proclaiming the message of _________________

          3)  And God will make it ______________

     B)  But it’s a job we all ______________

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