Revelation 10-13 (The Daily Walk Bible).

I’ve heard a lot of people speculate on what the number of the beast might be. Take comfort in this: I believe we’re going to know what it is when it happens (assuming this is still future). If this is literal, then there is going to be a monument of some sort to commemorate a leader, and we are supposed to bow down to it/him. In honor and recognition of that leader there is going to be an identifying mark that people are going to need to have in order to conduct commerce, and the very act of getting it will mean you are swearing allegiance to that person/government. How could we not know when this happens?!?!?!

If these events are not meant to be understood literally, how can I be so sure that we will know when this happens? Well, lets take the component parts. This happens worldwide. There is going to be a cult of personality that is really idolatry, or there is going to be a system/philosophy/religion in place that people are going to adhere to. And people who get the mark are going to understand what it is for and who it represents, because you are swearing allegiance to the person or system it represents.

It seems that this is still a ways off, but we can see some hints about how something like this could happen. Perhaps a worldwide catastrophe where millions die, and leave things in such upheaval that the world is ripe for a new leader/idea/movement. Imagine Covid on an even greater scale, with more dying and governments falling. Would that allow a scenario to develop like we see here in Revelation? Just remember that whenever this happens, it’s our “opportunity to have endurance and faith” (13:10).

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