Philippians 1-4 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Did you catch that Paul is ready to die? He’s not fatalistic, he just understands that there is something better waiting for him (1:21). Do we really believe that? Even if we do, we recognize that it is our privilege to work here on this earth while we wait for our reward (1:22)!

Paul had a lot he could boast about (3:4-6). Instead he focuses on what Christ has done, and trusts in Him (3:8)! It’s this type of humility that Jesus Christ himself exhibited (2:5-8), and He serves as an example for us (2:5).

Peace through prayer (4:6-7). Have you ever experienced that? Sometimes it comes right away, other times it’s elusive. Sometimes you need to “pray through,” sticking with prayer until you get that sense of peace that passes all understanding. If you are worried and anxious, keep praying!

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