NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“Don’t Offend at the Dinner Table!”
1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1

I) Paul is _________ of what’s going on in the church

II) Paul is very ___________ about how they relate to others

III) One big issue has to do with table _______________

     A) Food from _______ worship was available in the market

     B) Paul says _______ worry about eating it

          1)  Food itself is a _______ from God

          2)  So don’t be afraid to _______ it

          3)  It shouldn’t be a matter of ________________

          4) And don’t make an issue of it __________ at 
             someone’s house

     C)  But ______ eat it if someone else is concerned about it

          1) It could be an _______________ with an axe to grind

          2) It could be an unbeliever who is being _____________

          3) It could be a ____________ who has a weak conscience

IV) We shouldn’t use our freedom as a reason to ______________

     A) Not everything is _____________

     B) Everything doesn’t ___________

     C) Don’t use ____________ as an excuse

     D) We should _________ God in everything we do

     E) And God is glorified when we are _____________ about 

     F) Our _____________ should not stand in the way of someone 
        being saved

V) Other believers can be an example for us, but __________ is our greatest example!

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