2 Corinthians 1-5 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Some great Scriptures here! The reminder that God is our comfort and we are to pass on the comfort that we get from Him (1:4). The reminder that this world is not our home and that we have a home waiting for us in heaven (5:6). The reminder that God never abandons us (4:9). And tucked in the middle of it all there is a reminder that we are to show grace, mercy, forgiveness and restoration to those who are repentant (2:7). Here is an explanation from The Reformation Study Bible of the circumstances that led to 2 Corinthians that helps to explain chapter 2:

“After founding the church at Corinth in A.D. 51–52 (Acts 18:1–18), Paul returned to Antioch, ending his second missionary journey (Acts 18:22). On his third missionary journey, Paul traveled to Ephesus and stayed there three years (Acts 19:1–41; 20:31). During his stay at Ephesus, messengers came from Corinth with the questions that Paul would answer by writing 1 Corinthians (1 Cor. 16:17, 18). Sometime later, Paul apparently heard of difficulties at Corinth and made a quick voyage by sea from Ephesus to Corinth and back. This visit did not go well, and Paul later referred to it as a visit made “in sorrow” (2:1). Though it is not recorded in Acts, this visit is indirectly attested by Paul’s statement in 2 Corinthians that he would be coming to them for the “third time” (12:14; 13:1). We do not know many details about what made this visit sorrowful, but apparently someone at Corinth had opposed or seriously offended Paul (2:5, 10).

Most commentators think that after the sorrowful visit, Paul wrote the Corinthians a strong letter, commonly called the “severe letter,” rebuking them and encouraging them to repent (2:3, 4; 7:8). It seems most likely that the letter referred to in these verses has not been preserved … Paul did not know how the Corinthians would receive Titus and the strong letter. When he left Ephesus and traveled to Troas, he experienced considerable anxiety because of his concern for the Corinthian church (2:13; 7:5). Though there was an opportunity for effective ministry when he reached Troas (2:12), Paul’s spirit was still deeply troubled. He left Troas and went on to Philippi in Macedonia, hoping to meet Titus there. When Titus finally arrived (probably at Philippi but perhaps at Thessalonica), Paul was overwhelmed with joy as he heard about the genuine repentance of the Corinthians and their deep affection for and loyalty to him (7:6–15).

Paul then wrote 2 Corinthians from Macedonia to express thanksgiving for the repentance and renewed obedience of some members of the Corinthian church (7:5–16). Yet further reconciliation and healing were needed between Paul and other members of the Corinthian congregation. Consequently, he appealed for the opening of their hearts to an even fuller restoration of their relationship (6:11–13).”

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