Acts 19-20 (The Daily Walk Bible).

The ESV Study Bible, Paul’s 3rd Journey

In Ephesus Paul encountered believers in God who had accepted John’s message. He had to teach them about Jesus and the Holy Spirit (19:4)!

Too many TV ministers use and abuse 19:12. Perhaps they should take to heart “God gave PAUL the power to do unusual miracles!”

I’ve always been fascinated by 19:15 and the implications of the verse: “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?”

19:40 reminds us that sometimes government can be of service to the faith, and not just a hinderance!

20:9 has always been a reminder to me to keep my sermons under 3 hours!

When people were warning Paul about what was coming (20:23), I’m sure that they thought he was going to avoid Jerusalem. But he took a completely different approach! Perhaps this is a reminder to us that, while we sometimes can hear the same message, it can speak to different people in different ways.

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