Acts 16-18 (The Daily Walk Bible).

From the ESV Study Bible

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how the Spirit kept them out of Bithynia? Was it a feeling? A circumstance? A warning from someone else? When we are prevented from doing something it might be wise to look at the circumstances surrounding it and see if God’s hand was in it. It’s often easiest to see God’s work in retrospect!

If you were miraculously released from prison, would you worry about the life of the guard!?!?!

Being a Roman citizen afford you certain rights. Paul took advantage of those rights on several occasions!

Paul takes an inscription to an unknown God and uses it as a springboard to talk about faith. Perhaps we can take his example to heart and use the things in our culture as springboards to talk about Jesus!

It’s very easy to miss the time markers and misunderstand the pace of these journeys. Acts 18:11 helps us to understand that these journeys took time: “So Paul stayed there for the next year and a half.” Sometimes God’s work requires patience!

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