NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“Facing Temptation with Integrity”
Genesis 38:1-23

I) God is _______________ even in our stupidity!

II) II) Joseph is a reminder that God doesn’t always protect us when we make bad ____________

III) We see that we will also face _________________ in this life

     A) To abuse ___________ and authority

     B) To engage in ____________ sin

IV) What is God’s plan for __________________?

	A) ________________

	B) ________________

V) How does Joseph respond to ______________

VI) What helps us __________ (sexual) temptation?

     A) _____________

     B) _____________

     C) _____________

     D) _____________

VII) Sometimes bad things still happen when we do the __________ thing

VIII) ______________ is doing what is right regardless of the circumstances

IX) And understanding that God will use it for His ____________!

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