John 13-17 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Jesus prays for us! “I am praying…for all who will ever believe in me” (17:20). And a part of his prayer is for us to have another Helper (14:26) in our lives : the Holy Spirit. Why do we need His ministry? Here is what R. A. Torrey had to say about the Spirit and His ministry as revealed in the Bible (and especially in John):

  1. Proceeds from the Father. Joh 15:26.
  2. Given
    a. By the Father. Joh 14:16.
    b. By Christ. Isa 61:3.
    c. Through Christ’s intercession. Joh 14:16.
  3. Sent in the name of Christ. Joh 14:26.
  4. Sent by Christ from the Father. Joh 15:26; 16:7.
  5. As such he
    a. Communicates joy to saints. Ro 14:17; Ga 5:22; 1 Th 1:6.
    b. Edifies the Church. Ac 9:31.
    c. Testifies of Christ. Joh 15:26.
    d. Imparts the love of God. Ro 5:3–5.
    e. Imparts hope. Ro 15:13; Ga 5:5.
    f. Teaches saints. Joh 14:26.
    g. Dwells with, and in saints. Joh 14:17.
    h. Abides for ever with saints. Joh 14:16.
    i. Is known by saints. Joh 14:17.
  6. The world cannot receive. Joh 14:17.

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