John 3-5 (The Daily Walk Bible).

The term “again” in Greek can also mean “from above.” Would that change the complexion of Jesus words to Nicodemus?

I sometimes wonder how different the world of Christian celebrity would be if more people were like John the baptizer! “He must become greater and I must become less and less” (3:30).

Some think that the Samaritan woman is trying to change the subject after Jesus confronts her with her marital history. Perhaps, but the issue she brought up was huge, and would be in the forefront of her mind. It would be like someone asking Jesus today if the Dome of the Rock should be on the temple mount in Jerusalem!

It doesn’t matter if we harvest or plant, only that we are obedient in sharing (4:37-38)!

We have a sobering reality in chapter 5. Of all the people there, Jesus called out one to be healed. We don’t always understand why God may heal one person and not heal someone else, but we need to trust that there is a reason. Remember what John said? “I am of the earth, and my understanding is limited to the things of earth” (John 3:31).

Remember that we need to read the Scriptures with the understanding that they testify about Jesus Christ (5:39). That’s why when we read the Old Testament we read with a New Testament understanding.

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