Luke 16-18 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Some people have problems with the parable of the unjust steward (Luke 16:1-9). They look at it and can’t believe that Jesus would put him forth as a role model! But he’s only a role model in this sense: he becomes an example of how shrewd those in the world can be, and we should be just as shrewd. However, our shrewdness should be because we recognize that earthly riches are fleeting. If we are truly wise we will use our money and resources on things that have eternal impact. That’s why Jesus says, “Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends.”

My leadership courses frequently mentioned how important it is to make sure we praise others in their work for the kingdom. But isn’t it interesting what Jesus says in Luke 17:10? “We are not worthy of praise. We are servants who have simply done our duty.” What if we had that attitude ourselves in both the spiritual and earthly realms? Would we be more content?

We have another problematic example with the persistent widow (18:1-8). God isn’t an unjust judge, he’s the most just judge ever! But that’s the point! If even an unjust judge can be moved to listen by persistence, how much more will our heavenly Father hear us!

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