Luke 7-9 (The Daily Walk Bible).

John the Baptizer is filled with doubts. Jesus is the man he’s pointed out as the Messiah. Thrown his support behind. Elevated! And yet, here John is in prison. Where is the revival? Where is the resistance to the Romans? Where is John’s reward! So John wants to know: are you really the one, or was I wrong?

Jesus points him back to the Scripture. Jesus is fulfilling Isaiah’s predictions of the Messiah’s ministry (Isa. 29:18–19; 35:5–6; 42:7; 61:1). John’s disciples are supposed to go back and reassure him that Jesus is fulfilling Scripture, just not John’s expectations!

We would do well to heed the warning. How often do we question God because He’s not doing what we want Him to? Perhaps we need to take a closer look at what the Bible teaches us about God and what it says about His character and His ways. We may find that it’s our perspective that needs to be changed!

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