NOT all the Questions in the Bible
“Who Should We Care About?”
Genesis 4:1-16

I) What we offer shows our ____________

     A) It’s not the ___________ of sacrifice

     B) It’s about the ____________ of the sacrifice

II) What’s in our hearts eventually comes _________

III) Sin is ___________ and brings pain and suffering

     So how can we ___________?

IV) Sin corrupts ___________________

     A) We ______ our brother’s keepers

     B) But are all relationships ____________?

     C) How could we ___________ relationships?

          1) ___________

          2) ___________

          3) ___________

          4) ___________

      D) When our hearts are right, we’re active at _______ levels

V) We see __________ even in the midst of judgment

     A) ____________ punishment is taught in the Bible

     B) But God is ____________ here

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